Winners of the 2013 Taiwan Green Classics Awards Announced

The 2013 Taiwan Green Classics Awards saw 54 entries submitted for the Product category and 11 for the Service category. All entries were reviewed by a judging panel comprising of respected experts and professionals from the environmental, research and development, design and marketing fields, against four criteria including “Green Values of Product/Service”, “Green Supply Chain Management”, “Innovative Technology and Green Marketing” and “Corporate Social Responsibility”. In 2013, final winners for the Product Category included 11 companies with 19 products, and 5 companies were recognized for their outstanding performance in offering green services, all presenting their great strength in green business.

The 2013 Taiwan Green Classics Awards Winners are (in Alphabetical Order)

Product Category

Company Product
BenQ Corporation LX(W) series BlueCore projector
S30 document camera
Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd. 6.9” Car Carbon footprint and Water footprint Dual Certification Panel
Cheng Loong Corp. ChuPei Mill Dandelion Recycled Household Paper
DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd. Eco Solar Backpack
Non-dyed Felt Series
Polar Animals Blanket Series
EPOCH Energy Technology Corporation Engine Carbon Cleaning Systems
Everlight Lighting Co., Ltd. SL-60E Omnidirectional LED Bulb Series
SL-SV60A LED Bulb Series
Hair O’right International Corporation Goji Berry Volumizing Shampoo
Qisda Corporation BE Light Table
Sea Mild Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Sea Mild Eco-Friendly Laundry Powder
Shuter Enterprise Co., Ltd. Stationery organizer (DD)
Ultra Stack&Hanging Bin (HB)
Storage cabinets (SC)
Super Textile Corporation Eco-Trilby Hat
Seamless Eco Bag

Service Category

Company Service
Cashido Corporation Service of Green Lifestyle Excellence Cluster
China Airlines Ltd. Eco Services
Taiwan Order Furniture Corp. Order Your Green Life
Telecommunication Laboratories, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. EARTH – Environmental Sustainability Service
TLW TLW Green Service

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