Taiwan LED Manufacturers Present Green Lighting Solutions at Indo LED & Lighting Expo in Jakarta


(November 06, 2013 – Taipei) The 2013 Emerging Markets Campaign of Taiwan’s Green Trade Project Office has landed in Jakarta, Indonesia with a delegation of Taiwanese LED lighting manufacturers ready to showcase the latest innovations at the Indo LED & Lighting Expo scheduled to be held on November 6-9.

A ‘Taiwan Innovative LED Lighting Product Pavilion’ is set up for the fair in the Jakarta International Expo Center (Hall A2, Booth AK 010) to present a variety of LED lighting solutions offered by Taiwanese companies.

The Green Trade Project Office had previously organized exhibitions in Sao Paulo, Chongqing, Tianjin and Istanbul, aiming to enhance the overall brand visibility of Taiwan’s LED lighting products for further business opportunities in the aforementioned markets.

Li-Yen Ma, Division Chief of the Integrated Marketing Division at the Green Trade Project Office, said, ‘We have seen strong demand for energy-efficient products as well as diversified sources of energy in the emerging market segment, mainly boosted by the robust economic performance. Taiwanese companies can no doubt fulfill the needs. Taiwan has been the largest LED component manufacturer in the world, and has been lately expanding its business scope, serving global customers with innovative LED lighting solutions. The “Taiwan Innovative LED Lighting Product Pavilion” is intended as the first stop for buyers and visitors around the world to experience Taiwan’s quality products.’

Exhibitors at the ‘Taiwan Innovative LED Lighting Product Pavilion’ include TYC Brother Industrial, one of the world’s largest automotive lighting product makers; Aeon Lighting Technology, a leading high-power LED light manufacturer which had won the Red Dot Design Award and M Technology Award; Lei Yueh Enterprise, also an award-winning lighting solution provider holding several international design awards such as the IDEA, iF and Red Dot Design Awards; apm Communications of the Unimicron Group; Peng-Yun Technology; UBLeds; Hergy Lighting Technology; Eulife Technology; and Torch Industrial, presenting a wide range of LED lighting products.

Winner of the 2013 Taiwan Green Classics Award and iF Product Award, the BE Light from QisDesign combines form and light. Featuring a special hinge design, the BE Light can actually be folded down flat to a minimum height of 1.8 cm when not in use. Everlight Electronics, Taiwan’s leading LED maker and also a three-time winner of the Taiwan Green Classics Award, showcases its 8W LED light bulb line. The dimmer-free LED light bulb from BenQ is the winner of the 2012 Taiwan Green Classics Award.

The ‘Taiwan Innovative LED Lighting Product Pavilion’ is located at Hall A2, Booth AK 010. During the exhibition, the Green Trade Project Office will also hold the ‘A Touch of Light: Taiwan Products Launch’ conference on November 7, starting 14:00, in which five leading Taiwanese lighting solution designers, Lei Yueh Enterprise, Aeon Lighting Technology, apm Communications, Peng-Yun Technology and Jan Cheng Lighting Co., Ltd. (Dancelight), will present their latest technology innovations and lighting products.

Press Contact
Shu-Hung Lee

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