Eco-Products Directory 2013-2014

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We are standing at the crossroad of the global economy. On one hand, we are dedicated to generating better living standard for a growing number of the world’s population; on the other hand, it is increasingly clear that we cannot base the future economic growth on unsustainable patterns of consumption and production that cause immense environmental, social and economic disruption.

Though we are facing many challenges ahead, we are confident that these challenges will motivate more innovations, and encourage the adoption of better policies and measures that will bring about the transition to sustainable economic development. In the new report Green Economy and Trade published by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in May 2013, UN points out that trade has the potential to facilitate the transition to a green economy, and the transition to a green economy has the potential to  create new trade opportunities. Thus, sustainable or green trade plays a key role in the interface between international trade and green economy.

Acknowledging the increasingly important role of green trade, the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) launched the Green Trade Promotion  Project as early as 2011 to promote Taiwan’s green products and services in the international market. As one of the efforts under this project, the project office publishes the  Taiwan Eco-products Directory every year, registering Taiwanese companies and their high-quality products which are made in Taiwan and have obtained authorized environmental labeling or certification. In this year’s edition, 383 eco-products produced by 168 Taiwanese companies are included, representing almost 30% growth in terms of the number of product registry. I am immensely pleased to see the publication of this year’s Directory, which demonstrates the continued and concerted efforts of Taiwan to contribute to the goal of sustainable economic development.

Chang, Chun-Fu
Director General, Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA

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