Mobile Solar Power Station — Lawson Transworld Inc.

The geographic environment of the Southeast Asia makes electricity distribution very difficult. High mountains, archipelagoes and frequent natural disasters all make grid power costly to set up and maintain. Therefore, independent power systems are in high demand in these areas.

To cope with various power distribution barriers, Lawson developed a mobile solar power station. The power station is designed to provide electricity to disaster stricken regions, remote areas or act as an island-to-island communication system. In many areas of the world where a large part of the population has no access to reliable electric power, the power station could alleviate the urgent need for electricity.

System Specifications

System Features

  1. PV array watt: 2400W
  2. Cell type: Panasonic HIT
  3. Panel efficiency: 19%
  4. AC output voltage: 120V/60Hz (230V/50Hz available)
  5. Rated AC output power: 3600VA (surge 6000VA)
  6. Output wave form: Pure sinewave
  7. Battery bank: 48V/400Ah (Lithium polymer)
  1. Fully automatic single operator system startup within 120 seconds.
  2. Complete power solution with components fully integrated in a mobile cabinet.
  3. Light weight and high efficiency LiNiCoMn battery bank.
  4. Low maintenance and sturdy body to counter harsh environments.
  5. Expandable system supports scaling of up to 30kW for large power demands.

(a)   SunnyEZ Independent Solar Power Station


Source: Lawson Transworld

The system’s greatest advantages are its operability and mobility. In case of disaster where residents are cut off from outside resources and access to electricity, SunnyEZ could be transported into the area to provide emergency power. The system could be operated by a single person and takes only 120 seconds of start-up time. The disaster area could be up and running again with basic lighting, communication and medical services in a matter of minutes.

Besides disaster relief, the system is also designed for military defense and research stations. It is currently used in regions with harsh weather conditions as power supply for communications relay stations. Due to its diverse applications, the system could be partially customized to suit the needs of its mission.

As one of the pioneers in marketing solar power products in the R.O.C., Lawson mainly provides package solutions and consulting for independent solar power systems. The company also has abundant experience in the Southeast Asia including installing power systems for private villas in Singapore and power supply for farming water pumps in Thailand.

One of their most prominent projects was on Rumdual Island in Cambodia as part of the Koh Rumdual Island Project initiated by the Family Care Foundation. The project was an international effort to provide basic resources for the island’s residents. Lawson Transworld was a key player in setting up the roof solar system of the Rumdual Island School. With six hours of abundant sunlight per day, the school is now entirely self-sufficient in power supply.

(b)   Rumdual Island School Rooftop PV


Source: Lawson Transworld


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