Heavy Duty Vertical Axis Wind Turbines — HiVAWT Technology Corp.

Many remote telecom stations and research bases are set up in mountainous areas with little to no access to grid power. Independent renewable energy generators are often considered to augment electricity consumption in these areas. Though solar power is currently the most economical green energy to generate, cloudy weather, heavy shading incurred by trees and hills, or heavy snow coverage restricts solar power generation in mountainous areas. Very often, wind power is the dominant renewable energy in these areas, which enables an ideal source complementary to solar power. However, destructive gusts and harsh environments often destroy common wind turbines. In this case, high quality and reliable turbines are extremely important.

Small vertical axis wind turbines developed by HiVAWT are among the sturdiest in the world. These turbines are designed to withstand difficult weather conditions and provide high level power to remote locations for telecommunication or weather observation.

System Specifications

(DS-3000 / DS-700)

System Features

  1. Rated Power: 3000W / 700W
  2. Rated Wind Sped: 12 m/s
  3. Rated Speed: 205 rpm / 405 rpm
  4. Survival Wind Speed: 60 m/s
  5. Blade material: Anodized aluminum
  6. Axis material: Galvanized steel SS400 /Anodized aluminum
  7. Automatic Braking: Over speed short circuit braking system
  1. Design compliant with IEC-61400-2 certification.
  2. High immunity against turbulence and could survive winds at 3-sec gust 60m/s
  3. Excellent wind direction adaptability compared to horizontal turbines.
  4. Integrated blade design, creating low wind self-start and high wind efficiency.
  5. Runs silent and fit to install in urban areas.
  6. Brushless PMG generator without the cogging torque

HiVAWT’s turbine design integrated both the Darrieus Blade and the Savonius Blade, enhancing advantages in high wind efficiency and low wind self-start. The Savonius Blade used by HiVAWT could self-start at wind speeds lower than 3 meters per second, while the Darrieus Blade enhances rotor efficiency. Moreover, small wind turbines have the advantage of taking up limited land space and can be installed on mountainsides, distant reefs and even boats. One of HiVAWT’s standalone turbines provides power for a monitor station at Terra Nova Bay in Antarctica.

Besides remote areas, small vertical turbines are also installed in urban areas as an on-grid power supply. Its eye-catching design is favored by corporations and government sector and often installed as a public facility to remind people of energy conservation. In comparison with vertical axis turbines, vertical turbines generate less noise and have excellent wind direction adaptability. Vertical turbines also have the advantage in self-starting in low wind conditions. These benefits make small or micro turbines a superior choice to horizontal turbines in urban areas or locations with irregular wind flow.

Among the many applications of the vertical turbine, the hybrid street lamp is the most popular variation of micron turbine application. Hybrid street lamps combine power generating solar panels and wind turbines with LED lighting. Such an item integrates three very celebrated technologies in renewable energy and presents itself as the pinnacle of energy efficiency. Some of HiVAWT’s hybrid models are installed in the P.R.C., Japan, Germany and the United States, across three continents.

Another worthy mention in the application of vertical turbines is the installation of the DS300 on fishing trawlers. In some situations, fishing activities take place at night where high powered lights are used to attract catch. These fishing lights are extremely energy consuming and would quickly deplete the vessel’s battery. With small vertical turbines installed on board, trawlers could self-generate power at night and decelerate power exhaustion.

Since 2005, HiVAWT (R.O.C.) has been the designer, manufacturer and patent owner of several vertical axis wind turbines dedicated to corporate and government sectors. HiVAWT is especially experienced in turbine installations for telecommunication stations. Some of their projects include providing for SK Telecom in Busan, Chunghwa Telecom in R.O.C. and China Mobile in Xinjiang, Gansu and Tibet.

(a)   Hybrid street lamp in Kunsan, P.R.C.,

(b)   DS700 trail project in Xingjian, P.R.C.

 hivawt2  hivawt1

Source: HiVAWT

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