Avertronics Promotes Healthy Light Environment with avin Smart Lighting Wireless Control System

Source: Avertronics
[Editor’s Note] Content of the article is submitted by the company.

The “avin Smart Lighting Wireless Control System” focuses on “simplicity” and “multiple control mode”, and via the products’ design driven for energy saving, safety, comfort and convenience, we aim to accomplish the goal of “Providing a healthy light environment”.

The vision of avin is “To be a leading brand for Wireless Intelligent Space”. We will continue to develop new products and various integrated applications in the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), the Internet of Things (IOT) and Cloud apps, etc. to provide more excellent products and services.

System Features

● The wireless network well suits pre-built building and after interior decoration market , easy installation.
● To integrate various lighting sources effectively and meet different lighting requirements like home / commercial space/ industrial / office,, etc to present high quality light environment.
● Each wireless dimming receiver has its own MAC-ID number and will not interfere each other.
● Can be configured up to 20 different groups (areas) and up to 80 loops (total for 20 groups max.), to meet a variety of different design requirements of light environment
● To enjoy the cheerful lighting scene effect and personal favorite modes by using wireless scene wall controls, wireless handheld controls and APP programs.
● Can execute the functions of timer control, loop dimming control, scene control, and scene interaction transformation control, and has RS232,I/O ports built in to integrate other control systems, consequently can create convenient operation and life esthetics.
● “avin” LED dimmable drivers have 0/1V~10V & PWM dual-mode, can accomplish the high-tech, high energy saving, high quality environmental protection and low-cost requirements.
● To provide the lighting design、LED fixtures and systems integration services, in order to accomplish a comfortable and healthy light environment.

About Avertronics

Avertronics was established by Austin Lai in 1986. In order to satisfy customer demands, we have built excellent capability of resources integration and real-time manufacturing. We have also established the manufacturing factories in Taiwan, Kunshan and Shenzhen, and regional sales offices in Taiwan and China to provide better support services to our customers

Avertronics has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and TS 16949 certification, and won the “Lighting Elite Award” in 2010 by Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association and Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute.

Avertronics is playing as an expert at lighting dimming and lighting control industry. In the past few years we have devoted ourselves to researching the various types of light sources characteristics, and the relationship of the light, human factors and the environment. Based on ZigBee wireless network technology and the excellent power dimming technology, Avertronics has made the perfect integration of various lighting appliances and added in apps software to create “avin Smart Lighting Wireless Control System”

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