Robust LED Displays for Traffic Signage — FormoLight Technologies Inc.

As world population grows and traffic becomes more congested, travelers need more detailed and up to date information on traffic conditions of the road ahead. So, static traffic signs are no longer enough for busy and complicated roads. Now, LED variable message signs have become a familiar sight on motorways and major highways of many countries. They provide road users with information on road conditions ahead, improving safety and reducing congestion. FormoLight’s LED signs can display distinct Chinese and English characters and also color graphic messages. Moreover, full matrix signs are fully programmable to create text and pictograms with infinite number of configurations.

System Specifications (Full matrix VMS)

System Features

  1. LED lamp: Red, Green, Blue
  2. Pixel Pitch: 30mm
  3. Resolution: 65(H)*128(W) pixels
  4. Brightness: R:6500cd/m2, G:15000cd/m2, B:2400cd/m2, W: 23900cd/m2, Y: 21500cd/m2, Purple:8900cd/m2
  5. Display dimension: 1920(H)*3840(W)mm
  6. Power consumption: 2830W(max.) by PFC power supply
 1. Compliant with international standard protocols NTCIP, Madbus, etc.2. Power saving mode when unit block displays no message.

3. Real-time self-diagnostic pixel failure, power supply failure, photo-sensor failure and communication failure detection.

4. Robust design for easy maintenance and repair efficiency.

Some of the company’s achievements in R&D include the ability to switch to power saving mode. Whenever pixels of a unit block have no need to show any message, the driver IC enters power saving mode, reducing power consumption by 50% compared to conventional LED banners. FormoLight’s LEDs are also driving by low voltage which significantly reduces heat dissipation. Special optical designs are also implemented to allow for 30% increase in light output while consuming the same amount of energy.

Clever design and quality in production has significant impact on local traffic safety and cost management. Traffic signs are exposed to wind, rain, sun and snow. While the industry only offers a 3-year warranty, FormoLight’s signs could last more than 10 years. One sign in Hong Kong held a record for operating for 17 years. In addition, real-time monitoring systems are integrated with citywide message signs. Operators can quickly detect and analyze the downed module and determine whether it is hazardous to traffic control and if maintenance or repair of the banner is immediately necessary.

FormoLight Technologies Inc. is a professional manufacturer specializing in LED applications. The company has been producing LED display systems for traffic applications and full color display since late 1980s. FormoLight’s traffic sign products have achieved acclaim worldwide for its robustness and system stability. Some of their successful references in different protocols worldwide include the Electronic Road Payment System in Singapore, Lane Signal Unit in New Zealand and traffic control and surveillance systems, etc.

Being selected for the Allianz Arena in Germany to broadcast the 2006 FIFA World Cup was a nod to FormoLight for its high quality standard. While many internationally renowned brands were used for other World Cup stadiums, FormoLight’s screen remained the only LED display with zero failures during the games. Though FormoLight is a relatively quiet brand, it demonstrates its ability to compete with big brands through action.

(a)   Integrated ERP signage in Singapore

(b)   Broadcast screen in Allianz Arena, Germany

 Image  Image

Source: FormoLight Technologies Inc.

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