Shinyu Introduces High-Power 150W LED Spotlight

Source: Shinyu
[Editor’s Note] Content of the article is submitted by the company.

Shinyu introduces High-Power 150W LED Spotlight, offering projection light for long shot distance over 100 meter.

Shinyu 150W Long-Distance Spotlight features a unique optical design, using only 16 units of 150W each for total 2400W projection lamp at a distance of over 120M which can light up with no dark spot for 200M of the sports filed. It also does not waste any of the luminous efficiency, in the same space the same units of the lamp were used are less than the traditional energy saving lamps. More, comparing the traditional lamp, Shinyu 150W LED achieving the cost saving for more than 6 times. Shinyu LED distance Spotlight were installed in Guang-Fu Secondary high school at the sports field, the ground lux at least 70 and more, to make a safe, brighter space for students during the night time.

Shinyu is committed to High-Wattage LED, with a unique convection cooling technology and optical innovation capability, manufacturing integrated package of high-performance, high-power LED lighting products, widely used as industrial, construction, commercial lighting, RGB stage lights, grow light and special lighting especially for long-distance lighting, we have passed the SGS test for 6000hrs with zero decay, simple lighting structure, high IP rate for 68, and low failure rate, when turn on, it light-up immediately without waiting. Shinyu LED represent a unique optical design, lighting can be used with different angles of optical lenses, to achieve the effective control for optical light and light efficiency.

Product  150W LED spotlight
Material Aluminum alloy
Power 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 150 (W)
Luminous Flux3800 / 5700 / 7600 / 9500 / 11400 / 14250 (Lm)
Color Temperature2800~5700K
Weight7.5kg (Including Power)
DimensionsL240~ 400*W191*H192 (mm)
Waterproof Grade Light:IP66 ( IP68 optional ) , Power:IP65 ( IP67 )
Optical Lens 15˚
Operating Temperature -40℃~50℃ Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature-40℃~80℃ Storage Temperature
Input Voltage 100~240Vac
Power Factor PF>0.95
Warranty2 Years, Additional available
AdvantagesProjection light for long shot distance over 100 meter.
OriginMade in Taiwan

Spotlight 02

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