Overview and Case Studies on Green Energy in R.O.C. 2013

APOBookcover_blogThe Republic of China (hereafter “R.O.C.”) is recognized as a global leader in sustainable development and has been awarded the honor of hosting the Center of Excellence on Green Productivity (COE GP) by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO). The COE GP was launched in June 2013 with the mission of enhancing, demonstrating and sharing with other APO member countries the experience of the R.O.C. on green productivity. In order to fulfill this goal, a series of activities including workshop learning, dispatch of expert delegates and research have been and will be implemented from 2013 to 2015.

The COE GP is charged with preparing a series of manuals containing technological information and applications of four separate themes: Resource Recycling, Green Energy, Green Factory and Agricultural Innovation. The manual includes the global situation, technological development and corresponding policies of the individual themes. The current 2013 manual is based on independent study by leading research institutes of R.O.C. The case studies therein demonstrate the best practices on policy implementation and technology application of public and private establishments of R.O.C.

With the publication of the 2013 manual on Green Energy, COE GP wishes to convey its utmost sincerity in leading the international community toward a more productive and sustainable future.

Manual Index
1. Introduction
2. Global Situation and Trend on Green Energy
3. Core Technologies
4. Key Policies of R.O.C. on Green Energy
5. Case Studies
Contact Lists
How APO Member Countries Will Benefit

Download full book here: 2013 APO Green Energy Overview R.O.C.

Visit the R.O.C. COE GP website here:
Center of Excellence on Green Productivity/Asian Productivity Organization

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