Mobile Charging Solution — Tennrich International Corp.

Among various green energy solutions, power storage is a less mentioned aspect. However, a good energy charging device is not only convenient for the user, but also friendly for the environment. Moreover, in areas where renewable energy production is interrupted and grid power is not accessible, good quality batteries could provide continuous telecommunication and medical services. In addition to common power storage units, the company has also developed micro-chargers powered by solar cells.

A series of high quality mobile charging devices are developed by Tennrich to solve problems in low power for various electronics we bring with us on the road every day. In addition to small electronics, Tennrich’s mobile charging solution also include mobile power charger for medical devices and first aid packs. Such innovations could be crucial to emergency medical care in both urban hospitals and rural aid stations where care could be delivered instantaneously and on the move.

System Specifications (XP18000A charger)

System Features

  1. Battery cell: Lithium Polymer
  2. Power capacity: 18000mAh
  3. Rated Input: 19V, 3.5A
  4. Rated Output: 5V, 2A/12V, 2A/ 19V, 3.5A
  5. Charge Time: 4hrs
  6. Weight: 0.52kg
  1. Co-branded with Energizer.
  2. Charges three devices at once.
  3. Battery stays charged up to one year.
  4. LED light indicator for displaying battery and charging status.

The mobile charging solution line includes the mainstream mobile battery co-branded with Energizer. With world-class power storage technology, a series of special purpose chargers is developed. Powerskin is an award winning smartphone charger that combines superior charging technology with industrial design. SpareOne is a lightweight emergency phone powered by a single AA battery that could last 15 years without activation. Another item on the charging solution line is a portable battery for medical devices. The larger battery can power point-of-care systems where grid power is not easily accessible. This is particularly important for disaster stricken areas or remote locations with insufficient power.

(a)   PowerSkin smartphone charger

(b)   SpareOne emergency phone

Tenn5 Tenn4

Source: Tennrich International Corp.

Company Information and Foreign Projects:
Tennrich International Corporation was founded in 1986 and listed on the Taiwan stock market in 2003. As a pioneer in industry, the company strives to design creative high quality products in power storage. The company currently manufactures for various world renowned brands such as Energizer, Philips, Mophie and Belkin. Besides ODM and co-branding, Tennrich also owns PowerSkin and SpareOne as independently marketed brands with proprietary mobile charging products. The company markets itself worldwide through B2B and B2C trading.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Charging Solution — Tennrich International Corp.

  1. Hallow
    On my recent trip to Singapore I bought a mobile charger. I am pleased to say that it is very useful when I travel out of town to rural areas of my country where there is no electricity.
    I am also interested to know what other products you have that can utilise solar energy for
    Chargimg mobile phones and other electronics.
    Please email me your catalogs if possible.
    Thank you.
    Wesley Wosse

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