Establishing a New Renewable Energy Investment Platform – Star River Energy Corporation

Renewable energy is an increasingly hot topic in Taiwan after president Ma Ying-Jeou announced the halting of operation of the island’s fourth nuclear power plant. Along with the nation’s original plans on promoting renewable energy and recent efforts on reforming the power grid structure, individual energy services and renewable power system demand are expected to grow rapidly.

The platform offers a new form of energy service, focusing on creating an investment platform for solar power plants. As the child of Taiwanese solar giant AU Optronics and several local insurance companies, Star River possesses the ability in superior performance and above average operation of solar power plants, while being able to quickly match financial partners for project funding. Different from past industry practices in which financial players and solar equipment providers are separate entities to be persuaded for collaboration, the new business model has the advantage of offering its clients with both quality product and reliable funding options.

The concept for Star River’s investment platform service model originated from past solar project experiences of the founder company AUO. Sungen solar power plant, soon to be sold to Star River, is the largest roof-top solar project in Taiwan as of April 2014, with 13.3 MW installed capacity. Sungen was implemented by AUO to support power consumption of one of AUO’s LCD fabrication plants and to sell excess power to the national grid. The construction difficulties, financial arrangements and initial operation hurdles all contributed to the founder company’s experience in successfully planning and operating a solar power plant. Outstanding operation performance and stable investment led many to inquire project services from AUO, thus Star River was founded due to market demand.


Sungen solar power plant on the rooftop of AUO in Taichung County.

The new investment service model is expected to bring long-term stable cash flow for clients interested in renewable energy project investment. Through this platform, solar power plants developers could more easily grasp green business opportunities and jointly achieve a greener future for Taiwan.

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