Scientific Innovations : Tofu Ingredient In Solar Panel Manufacturing

Guest writer: Hsien-Ju Tsai

Tofu is a metaphor for the Chinese people’s cheese, but now, tofu ingredients can also become an integral part of solar cell materials. General solar cells are manufactured using cadmium chloride, which is expensive and highly toxic. Current manufacturing process is complicated and involves a large number of workers to be equipped with protective measures.

Recently, University of Liverpool researchers found that tofu ingredients magnesium chloride can be obtained simply through seawater extract, effectively and safely replacing cadmium chloride. In addition, the cheapest solar cells being manufactured today are based on a thin film of insoluble cadmium telluride. Alone, these cells convert less than two percent of sunlight into energy. By applying cadmium chloride, conversion efficiency increases to over 15 percent.

This discovery provides a new alternative substance for solar manufacturing, bringing the industry greater convenience and development.

Watch scientific explanations in detail here: Stephenson Institute/University of Liverpool

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