Taiwan Eco-Products Directory 2014–2015 has been launched by GTPO


Click on the image to download Directory.

Aimed at encouraging green purchasing practices, the Taiwan Eco-Products Directory has been published annually since 2011 by the Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) as a purchasing reference for agents from all over the world. The latest version launched in July, Taiwan Eco-Products Directory 2014-2015, lists 489 Eco-products and 4 Eco-services provided by 195 excellent Taiwanese enterprises. Compared to previous versions, there is a brand-new category “Eco Services” in this version. On top of that, the number of products listed in the directory is on the increase.

A total of 575 products/services of the Taiwan Eco-Products online Directory are also listed in the Eco-Products Database, created by the Tokyo-based Asia Productivity Organization (APO) to encourage the concept and practices of green purchasing by providing access to information on products and services, and designed to minimize harmful impacts on the environment.

The soft copy of Taiwan Eco-Products Directory 2014-2015 has been uploaded onto the Green Trade Project Office website. You can visit the Green Trade Project Office website to get a copy if you are interested.


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