Seize the Moment with the Environmentally Friendly ‘Paper Shoot’ Camera

Made of recycled paper and printed with non-toxic inks, the ‘Paper Shoot’ camera originated from the childhood dream of Taiwanese entrepreneur George Lin. Growing up in humble circumstances, Lin had few chances to enjoy luxury items such as cameras. Harboring the dream, Lin founded his company Paper Shoot in July 2013 to produce the easy-to-use paper cameras.

Paper Shoot cameras feature water-repellent cases made of recycled paper with patterns printed with non-toxic inks. The latest model will also come with cases in which Coreopsis seeds are embedded. Once the cases reach the end of life, they can be disposed of in a non-destructive manner, achieving the aim of sustainable design.

Designed with a child’s perspective in mind, the Paper Shoot cameras offer users ample room for creativity. Each camera case can be decorated with anything from cartoon characters, cute animals to bright colors, or even the users’ own artwork. Just 12-millimeters thick and weighing only 80 grams (including the weight of two AAA batteries), the camera has a sturdy cardboard body strong enough to withstand accidental drops.

Paper Shoot cameras have four built-in photo effects which automatically adjust to lighting conditions, enabling children to effortlessly shoot their own masterpieces. Older children can further explore their own photography skills by using an external lens.

With a background in the technology industry, Lin knows how to make the best use of Taiwan’s robust manufacturing supply chain. Paper Shoot sources its image sensors, camera lenses, and paper pulp from suppliers working with Apple.

Though Paper Shoot was launched just a year ago, it has already cooperated with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty line and even the Office of the President to develop customized cameras. It continues to develop the next generation of paper camera with efforts being made to increase the pixel resolution to 5 million and improve the camera’s anti-vibration feature. In addition, plans are being made for a paper case that can be used with Lego bricks to allow users to create an even more personalized camera.

Currently, Paper Shoot is looking for international partners, and it is George Lin’s wish that one day soon, children around the world will be able to use his paper cameras to capture memories of their childhood.

For more information, please visit: Paper Shoot


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