Energy-Saving HEATAX Thermal Insulation Paint Helps Customers to Enjoy Cooler and Beautiful Summer

Over the years, friends of Alan Hsiung have learned to avoid making personal appointments with the Taipei-based entrepreneur in the summertime, for his schedule is most likely full with various types of construction projects for utilizing his company’s thermal insulation paint, and it is hard to talk to him without being interrupted by customers’ enquiry phone calls. Hsiung is even fondly nicknamed by a group of friends as the ‘friendless in summer’.

The popular HEATAX thermal insulation paint is the result of the team’s efforts over six years. Utilizing nanotechnology and polymer technology, which deliver greater molecular cohesion, HEATAX coating makes the surface tension stronger and achieves higher durability. The ceramic hollow-thermal break particles deliver excellent insulation coating reflectivity for a better heat reflection rate. These particles also provide thermos-bottle-like characteristics by effectively blocking thermal conduction, thus achieving the aim of reducing energy consumption.

The idea of a new coating product came up as Alan Hsiung walked around Taipei years ago and noticed that there were quite a few buildings which had been more than 30 years old. Given that it takes time for most urban renewal projects to be finalized and completed, coating products serve as an economic alternative for renovation projects. To differentiate his product from a wide range of functional coatings available on the market, Hsiung chosen to focus on thermal insulation paint.

In the beginning, Hsiung and his partners specialized in applied materials. They worked together in the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan’s high-tech hub. Unfortunately, the results they produced failed to meet expectations, and they were faced with increased competition from both imported and domestic products. Despite the difficulties, Hsiung continued to dedicate himself to the development of a long-lasting, high-performance thermal insulation paint. The final product is the HEATAX paint.

After HEATAX was launched, word quickly spread among customers, agents, distributors, and even the media. With highly-acclaimed CP value (cost-to-performance ratio), HEATAX now counts among its customers several leading Taiwanese companies, including Taiwan Chinese Petroleum Corporation, United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), Formosa Plastics Corporation and China Telecom. Taiwan’s Kou Guang Transportation Company has also applied the HEATAX paint on the coaches.

To meet the demands of foreign customers, HEATAX has obtained several certifications, including the Intertek in the United States, Singapore’s Green Label, China’s CMS and Taiwan’s SGS.

Although Hsiung has reached many milestones, even surpassed some, including making HEATAX an affordable option for people to improve their own living spaces, he has one important goal he would like to achieve: to spend a summer weekend at the beach with his friends!

For more information, please visit: HEATAX



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