O’right Makes the World Greener by Washing Your Hair

When it comes to shampoo, people expect a few things: clean hair, lovely fragrance and good lather. What most people probably do not expect is that their empty shampoo bottle may one day grow into a tree! The ‘Tree in A Bottle’ introduced by Taiwan-based green haircare brand O’right is the first shampoo product to do just that. It features a biodegradable bottle—the first of its kind—made from a plastic-like starch, which is processed from fruit, plant and vegetable waste. When consumers use up a bottle of shampoo, they can plant the empty container preloaded with tree seeds in a plug at the bottom. In a few months’ time, the bottle will biodegrade, and the preloaded seeds will sprout into a tree.

The multi-award-winning company has recently received much attention in the industry once again with ‘RECOFFEE’, a shampoo made from 16 cups of ground coffee. Adopting the cradle-to-cradle concept, O’right has manufactured the shampoo and hair-conditioning products by extracting the oil from recycled coffee grounds collected from Starbucks and other coffee shops in Taiwan.

According to Steven Ko, founder and chairperson of O’right, 14,000 cups of coffee are consumed around the world every second, which results in a total of 22 million kilograms of discarded coffee grounds every year. Each liter of ‘RECOFFEE’ shampoo uses the coffee grounds from 16 medium cups of coffee. Normally, it takes 16 cups of tall Starbucks coffee to produce about 320 grams of coffee grounds, and only 5 grams of coffee oil can be extracted from these coffee grounds. The extracted coffee oil then has to be further processed before it is added into a special formula to produce 1,000 milliliters of RECOFFEE shampoo. RECOFFEE shampoo’s biodegradable bottle base also doubles as a planter for coffee seedlings. Like all of O’right’s ‘Tree in The Bottle’ products, the RECOFFEE bottle can be buried in the ground, and will eventually grow into a new coffee tree.

O’right’s innovations and haircare products are all developed in its green headquarters in Taiwan. Home to the first GMP-certified green cosmetics plant in Asia, O’right manufactures all of its products using 100 percent solar- and wind-energy, along with waste-water-management systems that enable the reuse of water resources. In fact, O’right’s eco-friendly measures have received numerous awards at both the national and international level.

Currently, O’right has developed more than 110 products. It also has over 200 employees, and it counts 10,000 salons in 20 countries as its clients. O’right is steadfastly committed to its brand operations around the world with sales expected to reach a growth rate of 200% over 2013-2014. O’right chairperson Ko stated that achieving such remarkable sales growth is largely attributable to the company’s strong reliance on the O’right brand as well as its adherence to two major strategies: product differentiation and the belief in tirelessly sharing with people that even washing their hair can make the world greener!

For more information, please visit: Oright

O'right headquarters

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