Taiwan Lighting Gallery – Neotroni Lighting Inc.

Founded in 2008, Neotroni Lighting Inc. has dedicated itself to the development of energy-saving lighting solutions. Neotroni specializes in industrial and business lighting, and has recently started to expand its business operation into home lighting sector. This year the company will join the ‘Green Light Outreach’ event in Tokyo, showcasing its latest offerings and giving a presentation at the ‘Taiwan New Products Launch’ conference in the ‘Taiwan Lighting Gallery’.

The Tokyo Lighting Fair, one of the largest lighting exhibitions in Japan, is scheduled to be held on March 03-06 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight). The ‘Taiwan Lighting Gallery’, set up by the Green Trade Project Office, will be located in the West Hall 2 (Booth LF903-1). During the exhibition, the Green Trade Project Office will also host a ‘Taiwan New Products Launch’ conference on March 04, starting 14:30.

Neotroni Lighting: Booth LF902-3
Taiwan Lighting Gallery: Booth LF903-1

For more information, please visit company website: www.neotroni.com




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