Green Light Team Invites You to Celebrate Earth Day with More Green Practices

The world is celebrating Earth Day today! The Green Light team invites you to start or continue your green practices.

Many companies in Taiwan have dedicated themselves to the development for more green products as well as the improvement for overall manufacturing process in the past few years. One of these companies is Hair O’right International. The if Design Award and Taiwan Green Classics Award winner has made the cradle-to-cradle concept possible with its ‘Tree in A Bottle’ shampoo line. The ‘Tree in A Bottle’ line features a biodegradable bottle, and tree seeds are preloaded at the bottom of the shampoo bottle. Consumers can plant the tree seeds after using up a bottle of shampoo. (See O’right Makes the World Greener by Washing Your Hair) HEATAX has offered an energy-saving solution with its thermal insulation paint, which helps lower temperature within buildings. (See Energy-Saving HEATAX Thermal Insulation Paint Helps Customers to Enjoy Cooler and Beautiful Summer)

More environmentally friendly products can be found in the annually published ‘Taiwan ECO Products Directory’, soon to be in its fifth edition. The Directories can be downloaded via 2014-2015 Edition, 2013-2014 Edition, 2012-2013 Edition, 2011-2012 Edition, or can be viewed online at ISSUU (Taiwan Green Trade Project Office).


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