Green Trade Project Office Leads Delegation to Explore Green Business Opportunities in Vietnam and Cambodia

Continuing its efforts to assist Taiwanese energy-saving solution providers to deepen their presence in the Southeast Asian market, the Green Trade Project Office had led a business delegation to Vietnam and Cambodia in March. During the one-week visit, members of the delegation had met with local officials and expatriate investors from Taiwan to learn more about the domestic demands for energy-saving products as well as the overall energy utilization in these two countries.

Southeast Asia has remained one of the regions where Taiwanese companies have invested heavily, and most investment has been in the manufacturing industry. As economic growth leads to increased energy consumption in the region, demand for energy as well as electricity price are expected to rise in the future. Looking for energy-saving solutions has become imperative for most companies in the region. In response to the business potential, the Green Trade Project Office thus organized a business delegation again, following the successful visit to Jakarta, Indonesia in May 2014.

Participants of the Vietnam/Cambodia delegation include suppliers of LED lighting products, PV system, energy-saving control system for shoe manufacturing equipment, steam trap, inverters, water recycling management system and energy-saving service platform.

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