Hung’s Fortune International Launches New ENERGY SAVING YARN (ESY) Collection

Source: Hung’s Fortune International Co., Ltd. (HFI)
[Editor’s Note] Content of the article is submitted by the company.


(August 15, 2015 – Taipei) Hung’s Fortune International Co., Ltd. (HFI) today announced the launch of its latest addition ENERGY SAVING YARN (ESY) to the company’s 3XGreen line. The ENERGY SAVING YARN (ESY), developed especially for HFI’s environmentally minded customers, will be showcased during the ‘Sourcing at MAGIC’ exhibition on 16-19 August in Las Vegas.

The uniquely engineered ENERGY SAVING YARN (ESY) can be dyed with vivid colors at a significantly lower temperature of 98˚C, instead of the traditional application at 130 ˚C. Using ESY helps to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by nearly 50%. Given its significant performance in energy savings, ESY presents the BEST choice for environmentally friendly yarns!

Another earth-friendly component of 3XGreen is HFI’s EcoHi5™ yarn. EcoHi5™ is a 100% recycled polyester yarn made from recycled PET bottles.

HFI is a Bluesign Certified Partner, and production of 3XGreen meets the highest available independently certified environmental standards.

HFI will participate in the ‘Sourcing at MAGIC’ exhibition on August 16-19 (Booth 64817, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center), and HFI sales representative will also introduce the company’s 3XGreen line at the ‘ECO MEETS FASHION: New Products Launch Presentation’ on August 17 (starting 14:30) at the ‘Taiwan Innovative Textiles and Accessories Gallery’ (Booth 64914).


About Hung’s Fortune International Co., Ltd. (HFI)

HFI was founded by Sam Hung in 2003. With more than 20 years of experience in the Taiwan textile industry, Sam Hung, the managing director of HFI, is fully committed to developing the most advanced functional, high-performance textiles, making the highest quality fabrics available in the marketplace. HFI offers both performance woven and knit textiles to satisfy the high demands of their partners throughout the globe. HFI is a textile supplier utilizing cutting-edge in-house research and development and the latest production facilities as well as partner mills. HFI supplies a wide range of Outdoor Fabrics specializing in Technical, Functional, Sustainable, and Sportswear Textiles. HFI offers the following textiles: Outerwear, softshell, downproof textiles, mid layer, technical knits and also sustainable textiles. For more information, please visit









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