Green Trade Project Office Joins Hands with Silicon Europe to Explore Green Business Opportunities

The Green Trade Project Office under the Ministry of Economic Affairs strengthened ties with Silicon Europe with a series of events held on September 1-3, continuing its efforts to assist Taiwanese companies to explore green business opportunities in the global arena.

Silicon Europe is an alliance of Europe’s leading micro- and nanoelectronics clusters, comprising members of Silicon Saxony in Germany, Minalogic in France, DSP Valley in Belgium, High Tech NL in the Netherlands and ME2C in Austria.

The ‘Green Electronics Manufacturing Workshop & Matchmaking Event’ was held on September 1. During the matchmaking meetings, thirteen Taiwanese companies had talked to individual members of the Silicon Europe delegation regarding future business cooperation.

The Silicon Europe delegation had also met with top officials of various departments under the Ministry of Economic Affairs as well as major research organizations in Taiwan to exchange views on industry development, including Ta-Sheng Lo, Deputy Director General of the Department of Industrial Technology; Shu-Mei Yang, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade; Dr. Chien Chou, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation & Science Education, Ministry of Science and Technology; Li-Der Chou, Deputy Director General of the National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC); Dr. Chih-I Wu, Deputy General Director, Industrial Technology & Research Institute; and Dr. Gary Gong, Executive Vice President of the Institute for Information Industry.

During the visit to the Bureau of Foreign Trade, representatives of the Silicon Europe told Deputy Director General Shu-Mei Yang that they would very much like to continue the bilateral business events and to invite more Taiwanese companies to visit the Silicon Europe clusters for further cooperation. Director General Yang said that a framework for future collaboration was highly welcome.






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