News: Taiwan Solar Energy Represented at the 22nd Peru Solar Energy Symposium

In cooperation with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office of Peru, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) was represented at the 22nd Peru Solar Energy Symposium organized by the Solar Energy and Environment Association of Peru (APES) from November 18-21. Principal Engineer Tom Wu of ITRI is a main speaker at the symposium, presenting solar energy policies and industry development of Taiwan.


(From left to right: Mr. Sergio Bazalar, Principal Engineer Tom Wu, Ambassador Jaime Wu)

Engineer Wu first gave a short talk at the Future Perspectives of Urban Solar Energy Applications Seminar held by the Peru-Taiwan Business Club at Hotel Estelar in Lima on November 17th. The seminar was presented by Ambassador Jaime Wu of Taiwan. Guests of the seminar include the Peru Green Building Association and other local green industries. Engineer Wu spoke on the policies and regulations of solar energy in Taiwan, and emphasized on the success of the Million Solar Rooftop Project and Thousand Wind Turbines Project among others.


The government of Taiwan is continuously working to promote different renewable energies to meet growing global demand of electricity, and to counter the challenges of climate change.

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