ITRI Inaugurates 1st Taiwan-Laos Cooperation Solar Demo Project in Laos

In cooperation with the Department of SME Promotion of Laos (DOSMEP), the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) inaugurated the the 1st Taiwan-Laos cooperation solar demo project at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Laos (MoIC) on February 26th. The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by the H.E. Mrs. Khemmani Pholsena the Minister of MoIC , Secretary General Mari Amano of the Asian Productivity Organization, Dr. Chung-Hsien Chen of the Taiwan Bureau of Energy, and Mr. Somdy Inmyxai the Director General of DOSMEP, and other industry guests from Taiwan and Laos.


VIPs at the solar demo ribbon cutting ceremony from left to right: Dr. Chung-Hsien Chen of Taiwan BOE, Secretary General Mari Amano of APO, H.E. Mrs. Khemmani Pholsena of MoIC, Director General Mr. Somdy Inmyxai of DOSMEP.

The economic performance of Laos has been growing rapidly in recent years, with an expected 6.7% growth in GDP in 2015. The increase of commercial and industrial activity in Laos has lead to higher electricity demands that traditional hydropower is hard pressed to meet. Therefore, the Lao government has been actively looking into alternative energy sources that could provide steady and high quality power during the peak season.

The solar demo project at the campus of MOIC was designed and supervised by Taiwanese solar energy system integrator Hengs. Co., Ltd. The demo system has an installed capacity of 10kWp and is directed to power the Clean Production Center building at MoIC. It is expected that the demo system could provide for 40-50% of electricity used at the CPC building.


10 kWp solar carpark roof with monitoring system, designed for MoIC self consumption.

ITRI and Taiwanese green energy partners will collect the data generated from the demo system and incorporate the information in future training sessions to Lao SMEs, to encourage the use of solar energy at local businesses.

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