Laos Ministry of Energy and Mines Visits Taiwan Solar Energy Establishments

Guests from the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Laos visited Taiwan in early June to speak with local green energy industry experts on cooperating on solar energy projects in Laos.

Acting Director General of the Institute of Renewable Energy Promotion (IREP) Chantho Milattanapheng and Deputy Director General Bounthiem Saysongkham of the Department of Organization and Personnel were invited to Taiwan from May 31st to June 4th. During their stay in Taiwan, they visited the Taiwan History Museum Solar Cloud Wall in Tainan and various solar energy applications in Pingtung, including the Solar Farming Project in Linbian, Donggang Elementary School solar roof project, Taiwan’s first floating solar power system, and a solar energy mushroom farm.


Visiting the Pingtung Solar Farm Project and Taiwan solar energy corporation LCY Group.


Visit to the GuangTsai Wetland Smart Energy Project.


Interviewing local mushroom farmer cultivating in a solar energy greenhouse.

The Lao VIPs were most taken with the solar energy system for agricultural application. Milattanapheng states that Laos is an agricultural country, which has various rural locations that are not fully electrified. If solar energy could be successfully integrated with creative farming, Laos could consider promoting solar energy at rural farms, so that local communities could have access to electricity and promote high-value agricultural crops.

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