Beyond Fish Cages: Sun Rise E&T Corporation Uses HDPE Pipes to Help Catch the Sun

Understated but never underestimated, the Taiwan-based Sun Rise E&T Corporation, the world’s second-largest fish cage supplier, has made its presence in more than fifty countries with the company’s HDPE fish cages over the past two decades. With continued efforts in product innovation, the Taiwanese manufacturer has shown its creativity once again, transforming its HDPE pipes from something used to catch fish into a product which helps to catch the sun.

For the new application, Sun Rise’s HDPE pipes are used as the support racks for solar PV systems to be installed on the water surface, an idea emerged in an effort to reutilize local fish farming ponds devastated by typhoon Morakot in 2009. Sun Rise’s HDPE pipes are light-weighted, and have been proved to be able to resist the impact of ocean waves. In 2010, Sun Rise E&T Corporation utilized its experience and expertise, and successfully manufactured the first-generation racks for the floating solar systems. In 2015, the floating solar system was launched in Japan. During the PV Japan 2016 exhibition, the system on display had attracted a lot of attention from visitors and buyers.

The floating solar systems have enjoyed stronger presence on the market in the past few years. The features of floating solar systems include relatively lower space rent for installation, higher efficiency rate as water helps lower the temperature of PV panels, and reducing the evaporation losses of water. Japan’s Kyocera Corporation has launched four projects since 2014, including a 13.7MW system in Chiba. Currently, the France-based Ciel et Terre and Taiwan’s Sun Rise E&T Corporation are the two major suppliers of solar racks for the floating systems.



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