Taiwan Eco-Products Directory 2016–2017 Launched by GTPO

封面As a member of the international community, Taiwan cannot be excluded from the fight against the chaos caused by global warming. The Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) launched the Green Trade Promotion Project in 2011 to promote the Green Trade in order to achieve the goal to lower global warming. GTPO collects data of green products manufactured in Taiwan and publishes Taiwan Eco-products Directory every year. Products listed in the directory are those that are certified with ecolabels by local or foreign authorities.

The latest Taiwan Eco-Products Directory 2016-2017, launched in July, lists 418 eco-products /services provided by 173 excellent local enterprises. As the UN said: “Greening trade can spur sustainable development.” The only way we can transition to a real green economy is to awaken in all industries the green awareness. This may be a long but correct path for us to travel on.

This year’s Directory has been published on ISSUU and uploaded onto the Green Trade Project Office website already. You can visit either site to get a copy.

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