Liang Yung Launched the Eco-Friendly Mat to Build a Toxin-Free Environment For Babies

Liang Yung International Co., Ltd. (亮樣國際有限公司) has dedicated to developing the Eco-Friendly Mat since it was established in October 2015. Competition in the market becomes more intense due to growing Korean and Chinese manufacturers. To achieve the product differentiation goal, Liang Yung intends to use the raw materials that were made in Taiwan and to create its brand for a series of his products. Its products are sold under the brand name, Mang Mang, which sounds like “mother”in Mandarin in order to persuade parents to build a toxin-free environmentf or babies by refusing to not buy toxic products made in China. Because of Liang Yung’s insistence on producing eco-products, the GTPO assisted Liang Yung in promoting its products via video marketing, in hope that both sides can create a win-win situation in the near future.

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