SunRising Eco-Friendly Tech Launched the Xbat LED Self-Powered Bicycle Light Series

Source: SunRising Eco-Friendly Tech. Co., Ltd. (Sr. Eco)
[Editor’s Note] Content of the article is excerpted from the company’s website.

SunRising Eco-Friendly Tech. Co., Ltd. (升暘科技有限公司) focuses on the design and production of innovative, environmentally-friendly products. Recently, the Taiwan-based company launched the Xbat LED self-powered bicycle light series.

The Xbat series of lights feature different models for different bicycles. All Xbat lights are automatically turned on when a bicycle is ridden without any batteries attached or direct contact to the rim of a bike’s tire.

Furthermore, cyclists no longer have to worry about changing batteries. The magnetic induction employed by Xbat lights uses only a tiny bit of the bike’s momentum to generate a clear, bright light whenever a cyclist starts to peddle. Xbat lights are completely silent, unlike traditional dynamos. Xbat lights not only look fashionable, but also are very easy to be mounted on a bike.

For further information, please visit SunRising Eco-Friendly Tech. Co., Ltd.

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