Nahann Co. Vows to Be the Bridge Between You and the One You Love


Nahann Co.(吶喊文創) has dedicated itself to the development of products which draw inspiration from light and sound. Nahann Co. created iRecki in 2014, a multi-functional recordable card with stunning environmentally friendly features, such as a recyclable speaker, a lead-and-mercury-free battery, and LED. Nahan’s voice recording greeting cards are made using materials easy to be recycled. The surplus materials created during the production process are later used as the unique supporting stands. For lighting, the product adopts the energy-saving LED light.

iRecki has succeed to seize the tourists’ hearts and connect people with love and joyfulness on various occasions since the first version was launched. iRecki is the best choice for you, if you miss someone but feel a bit hard to express yourself face-to-face.

Nahann Co. is targeting Japan and American souvenir markets to provide customized services. At present, Nahann is also working with the Chunghwa Post and ChiMei Museum for collaboration projects.

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