HINOKI Brings Cypress Forest Closer to Everyday Life

HINOKI (廣昇木材) started as an exporter of Taiwanese cypress more than fifty years ago. With the rise of consumer awareness of environmental protection and Taiwan’s forest logging ban, HINOKI was eager to innovate its business. In 2009, HINOKI established the ‘Ichiro’ wood-design workshop (一郎木創), launching a series of Japanese cypress wood products, which keep the natural texture of wood and use no additional chemicals during production process.

HINOKI’s materials come from man-made woodlands, where under the regulation of Japanese wood farming, for every tree cut down, five trees must be planted at the same time, and dry, brittle or unhealthy trees will be used as fertilizer for other trees, reflecting the important concept of sustainable development.

HINOKI provides one-stop service to meet various costumers’ needs, and keep the look of wood as original as possible. The company’s product lines include building materials, furniture, home utensils and stationary, bringing the beauty of nature into everyday life.

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